Weekends should have 3 days

Weekends should have three days, don’t you agree? It would be just right to fit all the things we need to do known as ‘life admin’, do all the batch cooking, baking etc (those of us who love doing it), go for a long walk and then relax. I feel like 3 days is a… Continue reading Weekends should have 3 days


Perfect dumpling dough (vegan of course!)

In my family, we ate dumplings at least once a week. Sweet with seasonal berries (I will never forget the taste of dumplings with wild blueberries!) or savoury with cheese, potatoes, wild mushrooms or anything else you could think of. All versions were absolutely delicious, none of them vegan… I’ve always loved dumplings and could… Continue reading Perfect dumpling dough (vegan of course!)