Weekends should have 3 days

Weekends should have three days, don’t you agree?

It would be just right to fit all the things we need to do known as ‘life admin’, do all the batch cooking, baking etc (those of us who love doing it), go for a long walk and then relax. I feel like 3 days is a minimum. I should definitely consider putting a petition in. I seriously think it could get enough signatures to get to the Parliament 😉

Anyway, dreaming aside, I am stuck in London this weekend. We couldn’t go on one of our long walks, so I immersed myself in all the home-related chores, that I actually really love (cooking, baking and making). And it’s great but weather is so lovely today! It must be over 25 degrees, which is unusual in London even in summer, and today is 21 September!

Do you also find yourself getting up with heaps of energy, making plans that you will achieve EVERYTHING in that one day and will produce food for an army, just because you can?

I do. I do loads between 8am and 4-5pm and then I am starting to feel like a balloon with air coming out of it really quickly… So, on a second coffee today, I thought I will share with you my unusual Saturday (usually we go outside of London for 9 to 12 miles walk).

  • 5:55am – alarm went off. I snoozed it far too many times before I finally got up
  •  6:30am – got up and practiced yoga for 30 min
  • 7am – coffee (a really important item on the list!)
  •  7:15am – 8:30am quick clean of the flat, cleaning the whole bathroom, washing all floors, folding laundry and putting a new load on and then, of course, hanging it out
  • 9-ish am made a list of dinners for the week and a shopping list
  • 9:20-ish shopping. Frist stop (always) – my favourite veggie stall, where I got all my veggies and fruit for £10. This is usually a whole shopping trolley of veggies and fruit which will last us for the whole week. I drink smoothies every day and cook vegan food, so we go through A LOT of fresh produce a week. £10 for a week’s worth of produce is a bargain in London. Did I say I love my veggie stall 🙂
  • 10-sh back home, unpacking shopping and making breakfast for my younger one – the best vegan pancakes. I will add a recipe soon as these are the best!
  • from then on a whole lot of other suff:
  • all of these at once to make the most of the oven being on
  • spicy paprika sauce for past (soooo good)

Somehow it then happened to be 1pm (how and when??), so I watched Harry Potter with my daughter before she went to see her friend.

All that is left to do now, is:

  • soya milk (have to wait for the dishwasher to finish as I, very wisely, put my blender in it…)
  • soft toast bread (need my soya milk for it)

I was thinking of making a crochet basket thereafter, but I might watch something on Netflix instead…

Happy Saturday everyone. Would you sign a 3 day weekend petition? 😉

BTW – I can hear my dishwasher has finished – can start with my soya milk!

BTW2 – a few photos of my today’s achievements for inspiration 😉


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