9 things I’ve learnt during #PlasticFreeJuly

A whole month, with a great ambition to use as little single use plastic as possible, 31 days, 744 hours – some of those spent on cycling frantically across London to find stuff without plastic… So, here’s what I have learnt: There is sooo much plastic! I have always considered myself as environmentally conscious and… Continue reading 9 things I’ve learnt during #PlasticFreeJuly

Perfect dumpling dough (vegan of course!)

In my family, we ate dumplings at least once a week. Sweet with seasonal berries (I will never forget the taste of dumplings with wild blueberries!) or savoury with cheese, potatoes, wild mushrooms or anything else you could think of. All versions were absolutely delicious, none of them vegan… I’ve always loved dumplings and could… Continue reading Perfect dumpling dough (vegan of course!)