Otford to Eynsford walk (Kent)

With days getting longer and warmer there’s nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and going for a day-long walk. I love those walks. They don’t quite heal my longing for mountain hiking but can quiet it down for a bit.

This particular walk is 8.8 miles (14.1 km) long and it took us a whole Saturday, with a visit to a local pub for a pot of hot tea and something sweet, my older daughter treated us to 🙂

We were a bit too late to go for a guided tour of Lullingstone Caste, where the family still live and the son has created a world garden. We will definitely come back on a hot summer day to explore the caste and admire all the secrets of the garden!

We always prepare packed lunches and have nice home cooked dinner once back home. The train journey was 40 min from London and the tickets for the 3 of us were £20 .00 or so. I only wish there were more Saturdays in a week 😉


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